Who are Captains?

We at Bloom believe every new investor in the stock markets requires some hand-holding at the start. This is where Captains come in. Captains are individuals that will guide you in all matters related to the stock markets. Right from account opening to investment decisions, you can ask them about it all. You see, when it comes to complex businesses like investing in stock markets - experience, knowledge, and a little bit of wisdom does go a long way.

How will Captains benefit you?

Here are some of the many ways -
your Captain will guide you.

Help you with basic broking activities

Account opening, brokerage settings, understanding of statutory requirements, back-office operations can all be taken care of by your Captain.

Tech Support

They help you under stand how to use our mobile application, web application, fill in an online IPO application and much more.

Ensure you've done risk profiling

Not everyone's risk appetite is the same, and a Captain learns your unique investment style through one-on-one interaction.

Investment decisions

As per your risk profile, your Captain can guide you as to what is the right way to approach the markets and how can you sustain as well as grow your capital.

Complaint Management

We feel that customer service is not taken very seriously in broking. Plus, as it's an industry that works in volumes, problems can sometimes get multiplied.
Therefore, each of our Captains is not given more than a defined number of clients irrespective of the revenue. This helps them focus their attention on your personal approach, eventually reducing the response time for all your queries or complaints.

What will be The
Minimum Credentials Of Your Captain?

Minium Credential

Minimum experience of 5 years in stock markets as a broker, dealer, advisor or analyst

Minium Credential

Complete know-how of broking operations

Minium Credential

Have spent at least 2 years working with us

Minium Credential

Well-versed with all the products offered by the company

Select your Captain today!

And use their experience to harness the stock market
like never before.


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